Medicine Bottle Leak Test | Sealing Performance Test

Medicine Bottle Leak Test | Sealing Performance Test

Medicine Bottle

Oral solid medicinal high-density polyethylene bottle is a plastic bottle for oral solid preparation produced by injection blow molding technology with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the main raw material.

Medicine Bottle Leak Test

1. Torque Test

Prepare a number of samples. Put an appropriate amount of glass balls into each bottle, and cover the bottle cap (for a test bottle with a screw cap, use a force measuring wrench to tighten the bottle and cap).

2. Leak Test

Place it in a container with an air extraction chamber, and immerse it with water. Vacuumize the chamber to a vacuum degree of -27KPa. Maintain for 2 minutes, there must be no water or bubbling in the bottle.

Medicine Bottle Leak Test Recommended Instruments

MCT-01 Motorized Cap Torque Tester

LT-03 Leak Tester

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