Detecting carbon dioxide levels in beverages

Carbon dioxide gas volume is an important quality characteristic index of soft drinks. A typical carbonated soft drink contains approximately 3–4 volumes (6–8 g/L) CO2. Carbonation is usually determined in soft drinks by measuring the pressure in the container at a known temperature.

CELTEC proudly presents our CLRT-01 carbon dioxide volume tester for the test of the volume multiple of the carbon dioxide gas capacity of carbonated beverages. It realizes below test steps automatic.

  1. Piercing the bottle cap
  2. Opening the vent valve to exhaust
  3. Closing the vent valve
  4. Reciprocating vigorously shaking for 40 seconds
  5. Recording MPa after the pressure stabilizes (measuring the liquid temperature)
  6. Test results of carbon dioxide gas capacity.

Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester CLRT-01

During the test, user only needs to fix the beverage bottle to be tested on the sample holder, the instrument will automatically pierce the container, exhaust, shake continuously for 40 seconds, and then measure the pressure and temperature to get the test results.

A reference norm for perform above test is ASTM F1115 Standard Test Method for Determining the Carbon Dioxide Loss of Beverage Containers.

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