The important role of carbon dioxide in beverages

Carbon dioxide is the most common used gas in the food and beverage industry. It is used to add carbonation to soft drinks, in the form of dry ice to keep food cold during transport.

There are certain roles that carbon dioxide plays in soft drinks.

Carbonated beverage (soda) products refer to beverages filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions. Carbon dioxide is an important ingredient in carbonated beverages (soda), and is a characteristic of carbonated beverages (soda). The role of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages (soda) mainly includes the following points:

1. Bring out the heat in the human body and give people a cool feeling. When people drink carbonated beverages, due to the heat and pressure drop, the carbonic acid in the beverage decomposes into carbon dioxide and water. When the carbon dioxide escapes from the body, it will take away the heat and make people feel cool. Cooling effect.

2. It can produce special flavor. Carbon dioxide can cooperate with other ingredients in beverages to produce special flavors. Carbon dioxide escapes from beverages to bring out aromas and enhance flavor characteristics.

3. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in beverages and prolong the shelf life. Carbon dioxide in beverages changes the environmental conditions for the normal growth and reproduction of microorganisms, resulting in a hypoxic environment, thereby inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. It is generally believed that an air content of CO2 more than 3.5 to 4 times can completely inhibit the growth of microorganisms and make them die.

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