Protrusion Puncture Test | Stretch Wrap Films Puncture Resistance

Protrusion Puncture Test | Stretch Wrap Films Puncture Resistance

Puncture resistance is very important in end-use performance of stretch wrap film used in consumer and industrial product applications. Puncture resistance is a measure of the energy-absorbing ability of a stretch wrap film in resisting a protrusion. The test method is designed to provide the user with a means of measuring the stretch wrap film’s puncture resistance performance under essentially biaxial deformation conditions. A biaxial stress is representative of the type of stress encountered by stretch wrap products in many end-use applications.

Puncture Resistance

Puncture resistance, as measured by the Protrusion Puncture Test, evaluates the film’s ability to withstand protrusions. The test is specifically tailored to mimic real-world scenarios, providing a comprehensive assessment of the film’s performance under biaxial stress – a stress type commonly encountered in various end-use applications of stretch wrap products.

Our CELTEC TST-01 tensile tester is equipped with a specialized protrusion puncture test program and jigs tailored for this application. These features ensure precise measurements, setting the benchmark for puncture resistance in stretch wrap films.

Tensile Tester TST-01

Setting Up the Protrusion Puncture Test

Follow these steps to set up the Protrusion Puncture Test using CELTEC TST-01 tensile tester:

  1. Begin by removing the two standard clamps from the tester base and load cell.
  2. The ASTM D5748 test method employed in this procedure determines the stretch wrap film’s resistance to probe penetration at a standardized low rate. The test is conducted at a single velocity under standard conditions, replicating the biaxial stress encountered in various end-use applications. The results include the determination of maximum force and penetration distance.

By utilizing the Protrusion Puncture Test, you can ensure your stretch wrap films meet the highest standards of puncture resistance, making them suitable for applications in packaging, food, medicine, beverage, and beyond.

Incorporate CELTEC’s expertise and the power of the Protrusion Puncture Test to enhance your products’ performance and reliability in real-world scenarios. Contact us today to learn more about how our testing instruments can elevate the quality of your materials.

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