Heat Seal Tester HST-01

Heat sealing is a technology that melts the edge of the material with heat under a certain time, temperature and pressure, so that the plastic packaging material forms a hermetic seal. Heat sealing is a technology, but also a method and process. Generally speaking, the materials tested for heat sealing are plastic film, flexible packaging composite film, coated cloth, etc.

Heat sealing is used to well protect the quality assurance and shelf life of the contents. For example, under the good heat sealing effect of gas-filled food packaging, it can protect the product from damage during transportation, storage, and shelf life, so that the product can still ensure the quality of the content after long transport, storage and duration.

Another example is that packaging materials with good barrier properties, combined with good heat sealing, can reduce the possibility of oxidation and deterioration of food, medicine, electronic products and other contents, thus reducing the cost caused by packaging problems. Since the heat sealing process parameters of different packaging materials are different, it is necessary to use a heat seal tester to perform a heat seal test in order to find the best heat sealing parameters conveniently and quickly. Heat seal tester is basic for food, medicine, packaging and related companies to control quality of packaging materials.

CELETC HST series and GHS heat sealing products are manufactured in accordance with international standards such as ASTM F20293, with a wide heat sealing temperature range and high precision.

Heat Seal Tester HST-01

Heat Seal Tester HST-02

Gradient Heat Seal Tester GST-01

Gradient Heat Seal Tester GST-02

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