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Gradient Heat Seal Tester GHS-01

Gradient heat seal tester is a machine for the analysis of heat seal ability of a surface, or sealant layer of films, laminates, composites and polymers etc.

Gradient Heat Seal Tester GHS-01

Gradient Heat Seal Tester Application

A Heat Seal Tester is a device used in the packaging industry to evaluate the heat-sealing properties of various materials, such as films, laminates, and other packaging components. The heat seal strength and integrity of these materials are crucial to ensure the quality and effectiveness of packaging for products like food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more.

Heat Seal Test Principle

The tester works by applying a certain heat and pressure to a sample of the material being tested for a certain time interval, simulating the conditions under which heat seals are formed in the packaging process. The heat, pressure, and time settings can be adjusted to mimic different sealing conditions, which allows manufacturers to determine the optimal parameters for achieving strong and consistent seals.

Gradient Heat Seal Tester Standard

ASTM F2029-16(2021) :Standard Practices for Making Laboratory Heat Seals for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials as Measured by Seal Strength

Gradient Heat Seal Tester Technical Features

  1. Five groups sealing temperature can be measured with one test
  2. Precise dwell time and sealing pressure control
  3. P.I.D. sealing temperature control
  4. Uniform heating by aluminum encapsulated sealing jaws
  5. Independent upper and lower sealing jaws, with upper jaws as major sealing and lower jaw as supporting heating.
  6. Jaw customization available in term of dimension, shape and surface
  7. Could customize independent gradient heating jaw groups

Gradient Heat Seal Tester Main Parameter

  • Sealing Temp.                              Room Temp.~250℃
  • Temp. Gradient                           ≤20℃
  • Deviation                                       ±0.2℃
  • Sealing Time                                 0.1s~9999H
  • Sealing Pressure                          0.15 MPa~0.7 MPa
  • Seal Jaws                                      40mm×10mm×5 (Customization Available)
  • Gas Pressure                                0.7 MPa with Ф6 mm PU Hose
  • Dimensions                                   455mm (L) ×320mm (W) ×440mm (H)
  • Power                                             AC 220V 50H
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