Refill and Ink Cartridge Leak Test

In application, pen refills and ink cartridges are often found leaks. Once the leakage occurs, it will not only affect normal use, but also contaminate the clothes. So how can manufacturers ensure that pens and refills have good leak resistance? To address this issue, manufacturers need to prioritize leak resistance in their products. CELL INSTRUMENTS, a leading provider of testing instruments (, offers a comprehensive range of testers designed specifically for this purpose, known as the LT series leak testers.

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The leak tester for refills operates on the principle of pressure reduction, systematically evaluating the leak resistance of pens and refills. The LT series leak testers have gained widespread adoption within stationery companies for their effectiveness in ensuring product quality.

Leak Test Method and Steps

  1. Set the Pressure Reducing Speed: Adjust the pressure-reducing speed of the LT-03 leak tester to a range of 10-12 KPa/min.
  2. Select Sample: Utilize a refill containing 1/2 ink in the ink storage container as the testing sample.
  3. Prepare Test Pen: Remove the cover of the test pen, insert the pen vertically with the tip facing down into the pen holder, and place it inside the vacuum chamber of the leak tester. Cover the vacuum chamber securely.
  4. Configure Test Parameters: Activate the compressed air source, set the desired test vacuum degree on the leak tester, and establish the vacuum holding time.
  5. Initiate the Test: Commence the test. As the vacuum reaches the preset value, the LT-03 leak tester will automatically sustain the vacuum according to the predefined parameters. The sample should not leak ink.

The above outlines the essential steps involved in testing refill leakage resistance using the pressure-reducing instrument, specifically the LT-03 leak tester. CELL INSTRUMENTS is committed to fostering collaboration within the industry, encouraging discussions on quality control (QC), and sharing insights on various testing items and methods.

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