Cosmetic Packaging Sealing and Leak Detection

Sealing and leak detection of cosmetic packaging refers to the characteristics of the packaging bag to prevent other substances from entering or the contents from escaping. There are two commonly used detection methods:

Water decompression method:

Take Cell Instruments LT-02 Leak Tester as an example. This leak tester is the equipment based on the principle of pressure drop method in water.

The test process is as follows: put a proper amount of distilled water into the vacuum tank, put the sample into the vacuum tank, and place it on the bottom side of the pressure plate for use. The package is completely submerged in water; then set the vacuum pressure and time of the test, start the test, evacuate the vacuum chamber, make the sample immersed in water generate a pressure difference between the inside and outside, observe the gas leak in the sample and judge the sample by this sealing performance.

Positive pressure detection method:

Take Cell Instruments LSST-01 Leak And Seal Strength Tester as an example, which uses the positive pressure method for testing. By applying pressure to the inner side of the package, the pressure resistance, sealing degree and leakage indicators of the flexible package are tested, to achieve the purpose of testing its integrity and sealing strength.

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