Shopping Bag Testing

Plastic shopping bags are plastic bags that consumers use to hold purchased goods and have a carrying function. It is made of resin as the main raw material, and is used in sales, service and other places to hold goods such as goods and to carry bags.

Biodegradable plastic shopping bags are plastic shopping bags made of films made of biodegradable plastic resins as the main raw material, and processed by bag-making processes such as heat sealing or bonding, and also include shopping bags made of biodegradable plastics and other materials.

Reference standards:

GB/T21661-2020 Plastic shopping bags

GB/T38082-2019 Biodegradable plastic shopping bags

1. Leakage test

Slowly pour the plastic shopping bag into 500ml of clean water, the water temperature is 23°C±2°C, hang it to keep the bottom level and let it stand for 1min to observe whether there is any drop of water at the bottom of the plastic shopping bag, and record the observed phenomenon. The number of trials is three.

LT-03 Leak Tester

2. Sealing strength test TST

The sealing strength is carried out according to QB/T2358, and the test speed is 300mm/min±50mm/min. The number of tests is three, and the results take the average of the test results of three bags.

TST-01 Tensile Tester

3. Falling dart impact test FDT

The falling dart mass impact test is carried out according to the provisions of method A in GB/T 9639.1-2008. A single piece of sample is used, instead of the step method, the method of determining the number of undamaged samples by fixed falling dart mass is used.

FDT-01 Falling Dart Impact Tester

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