Product introduction: Cell Instruments Carbon Dioxide Gas Capacity Tester CLRT-01

The pressure reducer method carbon dioxide gas capacity tester CLRT-01 is professionally suitable for testing the volume multiple of the carbon dioxide gas capacity of carbonated beverages (soda). The entire test process is completed automatically, improving test efficiency and avoiding the impact of manual operations on the results.

Application Range

Carbonated drinks, soft drinks, kvass drinks, sparkling water, fruit wine and other drinks containing carbon dioxide.

Technical Features

  • 7-inch high-brightness TFT LCD touch screen is convenient for parameter setting and test operation
  • PLC industrial control system to ensure the accuracy of system operation
  • Automatic container puncture, real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure data
  • Shaking frequency and time can be individually set
  • High-precision pressure sensor ensures the accuracy of test results
  • High-precision temperature sensor, real-time display of current temperature
  • Automatically judge the experimental results after the experiment

CLRT-01 CO2 Volume Tester

Technical Indicators

  • Measuring range: 0~1MPa
  • Resolution: 0.01KPa
  • Temperature range: 0~25℃
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Shaking time: 40s (others can be set)
  • Sample height: ≤350mm
  • Aluminum can specifications: bottom diameter ≥ 40mm, arch bottom height ≤ 10mm
  • Air source pressure: ≥0.6MPa (air source provided)

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