Pre-vacuum Blood Collection Tube Suction Volume Tester RDVT-01

RDVT-01 blood collection tube suction volume tester is suitable for the suction volume test of disposable human venous blood sample collection containers. It is a test specially applied to the suction volume test of vacuum blood collection tubes, which can accurately measure whether the suction volume of vacuum blood collection tubes meets the standard requirements at different altitudes.

RDVT-01 Drawing Volume Tester

Standard Test

YY 0314-2021 Disposable human venous blood sample collection container

Test Principle

Pierce the test blood collection tube into the puncture site of the test system to keep the pressure consistent with the pressure inside the vacuum tank; then make different pressure values inside according to the altitude of the area where the blood collection tube is used, and wait for 1 minute to pass the measurement. The difference in weight between the front and back of the blood vessel is used to determine the suction volume of the blood sampler.

Technical Features

  • Imported PLC industrial control program
  • 7-inch human-computer interaction interface
  • Imported SMC components
  • Stable performance of test system
  • ultra-thick vacuum chamber plexiglass
  • The equipment is easy to operate and maintain
  • Self-contained vacuum device, no need for self-provided air source

Technical Indicators

  • Vacuum degree: 0~-45KPa (simulating the current altitude ~5000 meters)
  • Resolution: 0.1KPa
  • Negative pressure control accuracy: 0.1KPa

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