Stretch Wrap Film Testing for Transport Packaging

Stretch wrap film, also known as stretch film, is a new type of industrial packaging film products. It is characterized by light, soft and thin, good tensile properties, elongation properties and self-adhesive properties. Its application in transportation packaging is a packaging method that improves packaging efficiency and saves costs. In order to ensure the production quality of packaging stretch wrap film, manufacturers need to produce according to certain standards. This article introduces some testing methods about stretch wrap.

1.Stretch Wrap Film Thickness Test

Carry out in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 6672. Cut the entire stretch wrap film sample of 100mm along the length direction, measure 20 points after standing for 30min, the reading is accurate to 0.001mm, and take the arithmetic mean value.

Thickness Tester FTT-01

2. Stretch Wrap Film Tensile Force and Elongation at Break Test

In accordance with the provisions of GB/T 1040.3, type II samples are used, with a width of 15mm. The test stretch wrap film sample should be cut after unwinding 15mm, and cut evenly at approximately equal intervals along the length or width of the sample. During the test, the TST-01 clamp distance is 50mm, the gauge length is 50mm, and the test speed is 250mm/min±25mm/min. There are two sets of vertical and horizontal sets, each set of stretch wrap film samples shall not be less than 5, and the arithmetic mean value shall be taken, accurate to 0.1N.

TST-01 Tensile Tester

3.Stretch Wrap Film Stickiness Test

Sampling begins after the test sample is unrolled 1m, and the stretch wrap film samples are divided into two groups of 500mm×125mm (vertical×horizontal) and 180mm×25mm (vertical×horizontal). After the sample is successfully clamped according to the method specified in the standard, pull the clamp at a speed of 125mm/min±12.5mm/min until the two stretch wrap film samples are separated, record the maximum force value during the separation process, and the reading is accurate to 0.1N.

SPC-01 Stretch Wrap Film Peel Cling Tester

4. Stretch Wrap Film Anti-puncture

According to Appendix C of “BB/T 0024-2018 Stretch Wrap Film for Transport Packaging”. Fix the sample in the fixture of the experimental device specified in the standard. Start the instrument and test the puncture needle at a speed of 250mm/min±12.5mm/min, and the experiment will stop when the puncture needle passes through the stretch wrap film completely. If the stretch wrap film is broken at other positions, the sample shall be discarded. Record the rupture force (N) and elongation (mm) of the sample when it ruptures.

TST-01 Tensile Tester

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