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HST-01 Flexible Packaging Material Heat Sealing Data Testing Machine

Optimize lab testing precision with our Heat Seal Tester, meeting ASTM F2029 standards. Ensure reliable evaluations of heat-sealed materials.

HST-01 Flexible Packaging Material Heat Sealing Data Testing Machine

Heat Seal Tester Application

The Heat Seal Tester play a crucial role in laboratories across various industries, serving as an indispensable tool for evaluating the heat-sealing ability of surfaces or sealant layers in materials like films, laminates, composites, and polymers. The instrument provides quantitative testing method into seal strength under specific sealing conditions, includes temperature, time and pressure.

Heat Seal Tester Standard

ASTM F2029

Within the laboratory setting, the Heat Seal Tester, following the guidelines set forth by ASTM F2029, becomes an integral component of quality control and assurance processes. The significance of using the Heat Seal Tester in a laboratory, according to ASTM F2029, lies in its ability to systematically assess and quantify seal strength.

Heat Seal Tester Technical feature

  1. HMI touch screen operated
  2. PLC and high resolution pressure sensor for precise dwell time and sealing pressure
  3. P.I.D. temperature control
  4. Uniform heating by aluminum encapsulated sealing jaws
  5. Sealing jaw customization available in term of dimension, shape and surface etc
  6. Parameters digital inputting
  7. Independent heating of upper and lower sealing jaws
  8. Manual and foot switch starting test, anti-scald design

Heat Seal Tester Key Data

  • Sealing Temp.                     Room Temp. ~ 300℃
  • Deviation                           ±0.2℃
  • Sealing Time                       0.1s~9999s
  • Sealing Pressure                 0.15 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa
  • Seal Jaws                             330 mm × 10 mm (Customization Available)
  • Gas Pressure                       0.7 MPa
  • Port Size                             Ф6 mm PU Hose
  • Dimensions                        455mm (L) ×320mm (W) ×440mm (H)
  • Power                                  AC 220V 50Hz(Customization Available)

Heat Seal Tester, specifically designed for laboratory use and guided by ASTM F2029, Its application within laboratory settings ensures that materials undergo meticulous assessment, contributing to the advancement of research and the reliability of results in fields such as packaging, food, medicine, and beyond.

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