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Bottle Wall Thickness Tester WTT

Enhance precision in bottle manufacturing with our WTT series wall thickness tester. High-precision measurement for various packaging containers.

Bottle Wall Thickness Tester WTT

Bottle Wall Thickness Tester Application

There are various ways of measuring the wall thickness of a bottle and one commonly used and easiest way is by a contact method wall thickness tester.

WTT series wall thickness tester is equipped with a test stand with a thickness gauge. it is the ideal wall thickness measuring instrument for PET drink bottle, can, glass bottle, aluminum pot, infusion bottle, beer bottles, oral liquid bottles, ampoule, penicillin bottles etc.

Bottle Wall Thickness Tester Features

Bottle Wall Thickness Tester advantages lie in user-friendliness, durability, and high precision. The instrument offers an electronic digital display of measuring results, utilizing grating sensing technology for enhanced accuracy. Notably, it facilitates both bottom and wall thickness measurements.

Bottle Wall Thickness Tester Main Parameters


  • Sample Diameter                         5mm-50mm (Customization available)
  • Test Range                                     0-12.7mm
  • Division value                                0.01mm/0.001mm(optional)
  • Measurable Height                       100mm (Customization available)


  • Sample Diameter                          10mm-120mm (Customization available)
  • Test Range                                       0-12.7mm
  • Division value                                  0.01mm/0.001mm(optional)
  • Measurable Height                        300mm (Customization available)

In your search for a reliable bottle wall thickness tester, consider the WTT series for its precision, durability, and versatility across diverse packaging containers. Optimize your quality control processes with this user-friendly and high-precision instrument.

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