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LT-01 Leak Tester

Testing the integrity of package seals helps ensure that the packaging provides required product protection.

LT-01 Leak Tester

Ensuring the integrity of package seals is paramount to delivering the required product protection in various industries such as packaging, food, medicine, beverage, and more. In this context, the LT-01 leak tester serves as an indispensable tool for assessing sustainable packaging alternatives, optimizing packaging costs, and evaluating variations in production line sealing parameters.


The LT-01 leak tester plays a crucial role in evaluating the reliability of package seals, directly impacting product quality and safety. Through seal integrity tests, the tester helps identify potential issues arising from factors like lower cost packaging or variations in production line sealing parameters. This aids in maintaining the required standards for package seals, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria for product protection.

Test Description

A sample is placed into the chamber filled with water. Then the chamber is covered with a lid and they are well sealed. Manually open the gas switch so compressed air flows through the venturi tube to provide a vacuum inlet, which is connected to chamber. A gas regulator can adjust the vacuum degree so sample is in a vacuum environment. The pressure difference between inside and outside of sample will cause the headspace gas to escape if there is a leak. The leak is shown by a stream of bubbles coming out from the leak area.

Technical Features

LT-01 leak tester is the manual model developed. It’s an economic, strong and long durable model.

  1. To achieve stable vacuum and considering the fact that compressed air is easier to be obtained at user facility, we use Venturi tube for a high level of vacuum up to –90KPa.
  2. Strong and clear chamber provided, same type as equipped to our automatic models; Different sizes and shapes could be customized
  3. It could be modified to work with vacuum pump, to achieve higher vacuum (for ASTM D4991)
  4. No calibration needed
  5. No electricity needed

Main Parameters

  • Test Range                                          0~-90 KPa
  • Chamber                                           Acrylic cylinder shape
  • Test Space                                        Φ270*H210mm (internal usable)
  • Compressed  Air                             0.7MPa (Prepared by user)
  • Electricity                                          Not Needed

Incorporating the LT-01 leak tester into your testing processes ensures a meticulous evaluation of package seal integrity.

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