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Unrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastic Film and Sheeting

Test Method Scope

This test method covers determination of the degree of unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage at given specimen temperatures of plastic film and sheeting of 0.76 mm thickness or less. This test method does not cover shrinkage from loss of solvent in some material.

Significance and Use

As a result of the manufacturing process, internal stresses may be locked into the film which can be released by heating. The temperature at which shrinkage will occur is related to the processing techniques employed to manufacture the film and may also be related to a phase transition in the base resin. The magnitude of the shrinkage will vary with the temperature of the film.

Shrinkage of a particular material produced by a particular process may be characterized by this test method by making measurements at several temperatures through the shrinkage range of the material.

Following a characterization in a particular case, it is usually sufficient thereafter to measure shrinkage at only one selected temperature for purposes of process or quality control, or both.

Key Data

Sample Size                                 ≤160 mm x 160 mm

Temperature Range                         Ambient ~ 200°C

Accuracy                                                               ±0.3°C

Dimension                                     37*44*28 LWH cm

Power Supply                                            220V 50Hz


ASTM D2732 Unrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastic Film and Sheeting

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