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Torque tester Cap opening force and locking force detection

TT-01 Torque Tester measures the open force and lock force of the caps of medicine bottles, PET bottles, spout bags and flexible tube packages.

Ensuring Proper Sealing and Ease of Opening for Bottle Caps

The torque of bottle caps plays a vital role in guaranteeing a secure seal while also allowing for easy opening when needed. When it comes to measuring the torque of bottle caps, the primary goal is to ensure that the cap is tightly sealed, preventing any leakage of beverages or other liquids. Additionally, proper torque enables the cap to remain securely fastened during transportation and storage.

The measurement of torque for bottle caps serves as an integral part of quality control and assurance for beverage bottles. By applying the correct amount of torque, the cap is secured to the bottle neck with the optimum level of force. This ensures that the cap is not too loose, which might result in easy loosening or accidental opening, nor too tight, which could make it difficult the to open the cap.

By maintaining the appropriate cap torque, the bottle can be easily opened when needed. Inadequate torque might lead to the cap becoming loose or accidentally opening, while excessive torque would make it challenging for users to easily access the contents. Striking the right balance ensures convenience and peace of mind for the consumer.

Moreover, proper cap torqueing plays a significant role in preventing bottle leaks caused by crushing or impact during transportation and storage. This safeguarding measure not only prevents product contamination but also preserves the quality and safety of the beverages inside the bottle.

In summary, the torque measurement of bottle caps serves multiple purposes in ensuring quality, convenience, and safety. By incorporating the correct torque, bottle caps effectively sealed, enabling easy opening when required and preventing any potential leakage or damage during handling and storage.

Manual Torque Tester Main Parameters

Test Range   10 Nm (or as required)

Accuracy   1% FS

Resolution   0.001 Nm

Clamp Range   Φ5mm~Φ170mm(or as required)

Power   AC 110~220V

Major Standards

ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474,GB/T17876, BB/T0025, BB/T0034

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