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Measurement of film heat shrink properties by heating air

FSR-01 shrink force and ratio tester is used for the shrinking forces and shrinkage ratio measurement of heat shrinkable films.

Purpose of the instrument

Shrinking forces and shrinkage ratio of heat shrinkable films can be accurately measured using the FSR-01 shrink force and ratio tester.

During the manufacturing process, heat shrinkable film is extruded and stretched, also known as hot drawing. This stretched state is maintained as the film cools down. However, when the film is reheated to the temperature at which the stress was originally induced during manufacturing, it undergoes a shrinkage process, releasing the stress. Depending on the method used, the film is labeled either biaxially oriented or uniaxially oriented.

With the FSR-01 shrink force and ratio tester, you can effectively assess the shrinking forces and shrinkage ratio of heat shrinkable films. This device provides accurate measurements, ensuring the reliability of your results. Make informed decisions regarding the treatment and orientation of shrinkable films, ultimately enhancing your manufacturing process and final product quality.

Principle of the measurement

During the shrinkage process, specimens are connected to either a force meter or a displacement transducer. They are rapidly heated to the desired shrinkage temperature and then cooled in the open air to reach an ambient temperature of 23°C ± 2°C.

To assess the optimal shrinking conditions, a dedicated device continuously records the reference temperature, force, and possibly displacement. By analyzing these measurements, one can determine the most effective shrinking parameters.

Test Process

A well-insulated air oven is heated to the set temperature. The two samples are placed separately on two test stations, for shrinkage rate and shrink/contraction force testing.
A temperature probe is located to measuring area, to give result as reference temp. The air oven is driven down automatically to cover the sample area. The force and shrink rate are to be measured and the shrinkage temperature is reached when the maximum shrinking force is attained.

When this force has decreased by around 15%~30%, the air oven is lifted and time is recorded.

The assessment of shrinkage ratio is performed at the mean time.

Key Data

Force Range                               5 N ( or as required)
Accuracy                                     ±0.5%
Resolution                                 0.001N
Displacement Range               0.1 ~ 95 mm
Accuracy                                    ±0.1 mm
Temperature Range                Ambient ~ 210°C
Accuracy                                    ±0.5°C
No. of Specimens                     2
Sample size                               110*15 mm, L*W
Power Supply                           220V 50Hz


ISO 14616 Plastics — Heatshrinkable films of polyethylene, ethylene copolymers and their mixtures —Determination of shrinkage stress and contraction stress

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