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MCT-01 Motorized Cap Torque Tester

The electric torque meter can measure the opening force and locking force of the bottle cap.


The open and lock forces of bottle caps are important online and offline technical parameters of production. They can influence the transportation and consumption of products. Its great stability and precision make it a necessity for the manufacturing process.

MCT-01 Motorized Cap Torque Tester measures the open force and lock force of the caps of medicine bottles, PET bottles, spout bags and flexible tube packages. The torque test can determine the proper lock and open force of caps in production and thus guide the transportation and consumption process.

Technical Features

It’s a PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated device; Auto clamping and rotating to simulate production line.

  • PLC control unit and touch screen operation
  • Both locking and opening force can be measured
  • Peak value auto keeping
  • Upper and lower dual pneumatic clampin
  • Automatic rotating
  • Micro printer for easy data recording
  • Multi units display: Kgf.cm / N.cm / daN.cm / Inch.lbs / N.m
  • Overload protection, auto zeroing function
  • RS232 port and professional computer software (optional)

Main Parameters

Test Range                                10 Nm (or as required)

Accuracy                                   1% FS

Resolution                                 0.001 Nm

Clamp Range                           Φ5mm~φ80mm for cap
Φ5mm~φ170mm for bottle

Power                                          AC 110~220V

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