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LT-03 Automatic Cosmetic Packaging Leak Tester | Negative Pressure Method

Elevate cosmetic packaging integrity with our LT-03 Leak Tester. Discover solutions for superior seal quality.

LT-03 Automatic Cosmetic Packaging Leak Tester | Negative Pressure Method

In the realm of cosmetic packaging, ensuring the integrity of package seals is paramount to delivering the required product protection. Our LT-03 Automatic Cosmetic Packaging Leak Tester, utilizing the Negative Pressure Method, stands as a pinnacle solution for evaluating and maintaining impeccable seal quality.


Testing the integrity of package seals helps ensure that the packaging provides required product protection. Sustainable packaging alternatives, lower cost packaging, and variations in production line sealing parameters are frequently assessed with seal integrity tests. By conducting seal integrity tests, the instrument guarantees the reliability of package seals, thereby upholding product quality and safety across diverse industries, including cosmetics.

Test Description

The operation of the LT-03 is both precise and efficient. A sample is submerged into the chamber filled with water, and as the lid is sealed, the control unit initiates the extraction of air within the chamber. The Negative Pressure Method, employing a Venturi tube for a vacuum up to –90KPa, exposes any potential leaks. Observable through a series of bubbles from the leak area, this method ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the sample’s sealing performance.

Technical Features

  • PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated.
  • To achieve stable vacuum and considering the fact that compressed air is easier to be obtained at user facility, we use Venturi tube for a high level of vacuum up to –90KPa.
  • This way of test is based on eye observation, which means the tester doesn’t give a direct result of whether a sample Passes or Fails. By “telling” tester the sample status, it automatically accumulates the result numbers.
  • For user having various types of samples and test conditions (vacuum level and test time), LT-03 has 5 group parameters saving function to improve efficiency.


Main Parameters

  • Test Range                                     0~-90 KPa
  • Chamber                                       Acrylic cylinder shape
  • Test Space                                    Φ270*H210mm (internal usable)
  • Compressed Air                           0.7MPa ( Prepared by user)
  • Power                                              110~220V 50/60Hz


LT-03 Automatic Cosmetic Packaging Leak Tester is a technological marvel designed for precision and efficiency in evaluating the sealing performance of cosmetic packaging. Trust in our instrument to meet the highest standards, ensuring your products maintain optimal quality and safety. For all your cosmetic packaging test needs, choose the LT-03 for reliability and excellence in every evaluation.

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