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Heat Seal Data testing 3/5 point

Heat Seal

Heat sealing is the use of plastic with thermoplasticity, so that the sealing part of the plastic film is heated, pressurized and bonded together.

For example, heat sealing materials commonly used in laminated packaging include CEP, LPPE, CPP, OPP, EVA, hot melt adhesives and other films.


The Gradient Heat Seal Tester is a professional tool designed for accurately measuring sealing temperature, time, and pressure in five different groups.

Heat seal tester is a valuable tool used in the production line to replicate package heat seal conditions and produce samples for assessing heat seal strength. It helps in determining the most optimal heat seal data, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and providing production guidance. Additionally, our advanced gradient heat seal tester enables simultaneous testing of 3/5 sets of samples, ensuring precise results with temperature differences of less than 30°C.

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