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FST-01 Heat Shrink Tester of Cellophane Shrink Wrap


Shrink packing is one of the most advanced packing methods in the market. It consists of wrapping a product or package with a shrink wrap, which, when heated, fits closely into the shape of the product, increasing its visual and perceived value. Not only does this technology increase sales, but it also offers a good sealing, moisture proof, and protection from dirt and external damage. It provides some buffer, which is especially useful for fragile items, to prevent breakage and breakage. Additionally, shrink wrapping reduces the likelihood of product tampering or theft.

It can be seen that people often use cellophane shrink wrap to gift baskets for packaging, because of its transparency so that people can see the goods inside at a glance, but also has a moisture-proof, impermeable, impermeable, heat-sealable and other properties of the goods to play a good role in protecting.

The phenomenon of shrinkage is significant as it provides insights into its creation. It can be utilized for purposes such as quality control and process control.


The FST-01 Film Free Shrink Tester is designed to measure the extent of unrestricted linear thermal shrinkage of plastic film and sheeting in a fluid medium, at specific temperatures.

Test Process

A temperature probe is located to fluid heating area.

Mount the test specimen on the free shrink holder and place in the liquid bath when desired temperature is reached.

When time is up, the alarm beeps.

Remove test specimen and press Stop button to finish the test.

Treat the specimen at ambient environment and measure the shrinkage.

Technical Features

P.I.D. temperature control

High precision timer

Alarming function

Stable heating of fluid medium

Standard square metal clamp and free shrink holder

Oil bath cover equipped

Key Data

Sample Size                                   ≤160 mm x 160 mm

Temperature Range                          Ambient ~ 200°C

Accuracy                                                                  ±0.3°C

Dimension                                         37*44*28 LWH cm

Power Supply                                                 220V 50Hz

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