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FBT-01 Impact Testing Machine Falling Ball Impact Cardboard

Falling ball impact tester measures the resistance performance of plates, sheets, and composites, films foils, paper etc. with less than 2mm thickness.

FBT-01 Impact Testing Machine Falling Ball Impact Cardboard

In the realm of material testing, the role of impact resistance cannot be overstated, particularly when subjected to sudden loads. These loads may lead to rupture, cracking, or deformation, necessitating comprehensive testing procedures. Among the array of tests available, including dart impact, ball impact, pendulum impact, izod, charpy, and tensile, the falling ball impact test stands out as a crucial method to evaluate a material’s impact resistance.

Application of Falling Ball Impact Tester

The Falling Ball Impact Tester, or FBT-01, is an indispensable tool designed to measure the resistance performance of various materials, such as plates, sheets, composites, films, foils, and paper with a thickness of less than 2mm. Through this impact test, the material’s ability to withstand external forces is demonstrated. Users can observe the destruction status of the test specimen after it has been struck by a falling weight released from a specified testing height.

Falling Ball Impact Tester Technical Features

FBT-01 Falling Dart Impact Tester is a PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated.

  1. PLC control and touch screen operation.
  2. Impact height adjustable, different balls available
  3. Test results multi-units display
  4. Electromagnetic suspension and automatic release
  5. Sample pneumatic clamping
  6. Manual and foot switch
  7. Micro-printer for data export
  8. Professional software (optional)

Falling Ball Impact Tester Main Parameters

  • Impact Height                             300mm-600mm (can be extended)
  • Ball Diameters(mm)                    23, 25, 28.6, 38.1, 50.8(one equipped)
  • Accuracy                                      0.1g (0.1J)
  • Specimen Clamp                         Pneumatic Clamp
  • Gas Supply                                  0.6 MPa Φ8 mm PU Tubing
  • Specimen Size                             > 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Power Supply                              AC 110~220V 50Hz
  • Dimension(mm) Approx             480*470 mm*1170 LWH
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