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Carbon Dioxide in Drink Loss Rate Detection ASTM F1115 Machine

Elevate carbonated drink quality with CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester. Automated testing, precision, and ASTM F1115 compliance for optimal flavor.

CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide in Drink Loss Rate Detection ASTM F1115 Machine

Carbon Dioxide Volume Test Background

The CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of carbonated drinks by precisely measuring CO2 volume and temperature. Can make carbonated drinks have the best flavor. This advanced laboratory testing instrument complies with industry standards, including ASTM F1115 and GB T10792.

Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester Application

The CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester is specifically designed for the accurate testing of beverage CO2 volume, providing an automated solution to determine the relationship between pressure and temperature. By automating the traditional manual processes, such as piercing the bottle cap, venting, and vigorous shaking, this tester ensures consistent and reliable results. This automation not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the optimal flavor of carbonated drinks.

Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester Automatic Testing and Shaking

The tester makes below traditional manual process all automatic.
Pierce the bottle cap → open the vent valve to exhaust → close the vent valve → vibrate vigorously for 40seconds → record the MPa after the pressure stabilizes (measure the liquid temperature)→carbon dioxide gas capacity test results.

Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester Technical Features

It’s a PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated; Servo motor and gearbox transmittance for the agitation of sample bottle; Anti-leak design with precious temperature and pressure measurement.

  1. Dual motor design, separate control of piercing and shaking
  2. Precise control of piercing displacement and speed
  3. The shaking frequency and time can be customized
  4. High-precision pressure sensor guarantees the accuracy of test results
  5. High-precision temperature sensor, real-time display of current temperature
  6. After the test, the carbonation volume will be given automatically
  7. Microprinter(optional)
  8. RS 232 port and professional software(optional)

Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester Main Parameters

  • Test Range                                         0~1MPa
  • Resolution                                          0.01KPa
  • Shaking Speed                                   Adjustable
  • Piercing Speed                                   5mm/s (other available)
  • Sample Height                                  ≤ 350mm (other available)
  • Temperature range                            0 ~ 30 ℃
  • Shaking time                                     40s (other available)
  • Resolution                                          0.1 ℃
Major Standards

The CLRT-01 adheres to major industry standards, including ASTM F1115 and GB T10792, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in carbonated drinks testing.

By incorporating the CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide Volume Tester into your laboratory, you can elevate your carbonated drinks testing process, guaranteeing accurate results and optimal flavor.

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