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Accurate Positive Pressure Leak Tester of Resealable Bags

Testing the integrity helps ensure that the sample provides required product protection.


The pressure decay method is employed for testing. It involves increasing the pressure inside resealable bags or other sealed packages to determine their maximum durability.


Test Method

To begin, attach the resealable bags onto the fixture and apply pressure to them until reaching the desired level. Once pressurized, disconnect the air source and proceed to examine the pressure. If a decrease in pressure is observed, it indicates that the resealable bags have leaked. The standard for testing specifies three different methods, labeled as a, b, and c.

Test Method A (Burst Test)—Place the package in the apparatus and increase the internal pressure until a failure occurs.

Test Method B1 (Creep Test)—Place the package in the test apparatus, internally pressurize to the specified pressure, and maintain that pressure for a specified time.

Test Method B2 (Creep to Failure)—Identical to Test Method B, except the pressure is held until the package fails.

Technical Features

☛PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated.

☛The tester is able to realize three test modes of burst, creep and creep to failure.

☛Test result auto statistics and storage.

☛Sensitivity and threshold personalized setting.

☛Restraining plates can be equipped.

☛Program customization available.

☛Standard pressure up to 600KPa (87 psi) and can be modified to user requirement

☛Compatible with other form of fixtures to facilitate tests to package form like open package (three-side-seal), closed package, doy pack, tube, sealed tray and cup, etc.

Main Parameters

Test Range                     0~-600KPa

Sample Width               300mm (standard)

Inflating Head               Φ4mm

Compressed Air            0.4~0.7MPa ( Prepared by user)

Power                              110~220V 50/60Hz


Jigs Available

The LSST-01 control unit can work with many standard and customize jigs for different applications and sample forms, such as sachet, bag, pouch, tube, bottle, doy pack, cell battery, jumbo bag, etc. Please contact our sales for a customized plan.



ASTM F2054 Standard Test Method for Burst Testing of Flexible Package Seals Using Internal Air Pressurization Within Restraining Plates

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