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LT-02 Automatic Flexible Packaging Sealing Performance Testing Machine

Testing the integrity of package seals helps ensure that the packaging provides required product protection.


Testing the integrity of the coffee package seal helps ensure that the package provides the protection your coffee needs. Sustainable packaging alternatives, lower cost packaging, and variations in production line sealing parameters are frequently assessed with seal integrity tests. Maintaining the reliability of the package seal is critical to coffee quality and safety.

Test Description

Place the sealed coffee pack in the water-filled chamber. After the lid is put back. the control unit start to extract the air inside chamber out, until the preset vacuum is achieved. Because of the pressure difference between inside and outside of sample, air in it will escape if there is a small leak. The leak is shown by a stream of bubbles from the leak area.

Technical Features

LT-02 leak tester is the first-generation automatic vacuum tester introduced by Cell Instruments. The ASTM D3078 is the standard test method for determination of gross leaks in flexible packaging containing a headspace gas by bubble emission. The test is conducted by submerging the test specimen in the immersion fluid within the confines of a vacuum chamber.

  • To achieve stable vacuum and considering the fact that compressed air is easier to be obtained at user facility, we use Venturi tube for a high level of vacuum up to –90KPa.
  • Precious and long test time setting.
  • SMC branded vacuum pressure switch.
  • Strong and clear chamber provided, and different sizes and shapes could be customized
  • It could be modified to work with vacuum pump, to achieve higher vacuum (for ASTM D4991)

Main Parameters

Test Range                                     0~-90 KPa

Chamber                                        Acrylic cylinder shape

Test Space                                     Φ270*H210mm (internal usable)

Compressed Air                            0.7MPa (Prepared by user)

Power                                              220V 50/60Hz

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