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How to Test the Force about Ampoule Breaking

Ampoule bottle quality inspection tester measures ampoule bottle breaking force.


Glass ampoules are stable in nature, not easy to react with drugs, have good barrier properties, can effectively isolate the penetration of air and moisture, and have good light transmission and high temperature resistance. Ampoule bottles are one of the main forms of current water injection packaging. If the ampoule is easy to break, even if the fracture is uneven, glass shards will not be seen; liquid, causing contamination of the liquid medicine. Therefore, the breaking force of ampoules is a very important indicator.


Ampoule Breaking Strength Tester can be used to have the quantitative test of ampoule breaking strength.


An ampoule sample is place on the fixtures and the pressing head is driven down by the power system at the speed of 10 mm/m. The breaking strength is detected by the high precision load cell when the pressing head touches ampoule neck and breaks it.


ISO 9187, GB 2637, YBB00332002 

Technical Features

BST-01 ampoule breaking tester is more than this application. It is a compression device with constant rate of displacement, with industrial level stability. Other usage can also be applied in pharmaceutical and medical sector, such as compression, cap opening, syringe gliding force, puncture, stopper penetration etc.

  • Different specifications of 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml capacity test fixtures
  • Multiple fixtures available for other material tests used in medical packaging
  • Limiting device and automatic returning function
  • Test speed is adjustable
  • Microprinter for easy data output
  • Protection cover offered
  • RS 232 and professional software (optional)
Key Parameters

Test Range                              0~200N (Or as required)

Speed                                     1~500mm/min (10mm/min for ampoule)

Resolution                              0.1N

Accuracy                                 0.5% F.S.

Power Supply                         AC 110~220V 50/60Hz

Dimension                              400 mm (L) x 360 mm (W) x 800 mm (H)

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