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How to Measure Bottle Vertical Axis Deviation?

Perpendicularity tester is also called bottle deviation tester, coaxial tester or circle runout tester. It can measure the verticality of various bottles.

Verticality(Vertical Axis Deviation) is one of the very important physical properties of the bottle.

Vertical axis deviation value

The bottle is fixed on a rotating plate and the bottle mouth is contacting with dial gauge. Record the maximum and minimum reading after rotating a full circle of 360 °. The 1/2 of the difference between the two is the vertical axis deviation value.


Perpendicularity tester is also called bottle deviation tester, coaxial tester, coaxiality, or circle runout tester(for vials etc. ).

Coaxial Tester is for the perpendicularity measurement of various bottle containers in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The coaxial tester is easily-operated with high centering and measurement precision and it is widely used in bottle makers, users and research facilities for verticality deviation.

Technical Data

Sample Diameter                        5mm-145mm (or as required)

Test Rage                                      0-12.7mm (or as required)

Division value                               0.01 or 0.001mm(optional)

Measurable Height                      15mm-300mm (or as required)

Technical Features
  • Easy adjustment of measuring probe.
  • High resolution of reading, up to 0.001mm
  • Stable rotating of sample
  • Measuring diameter and height comply with sample requirement.
  • Data output to PC Excel is an option
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