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Heat Seal Material/Film Hot Tack Property Test

Hot tack is the property of a heat-sealed layer to resist forces that would pull the seal apart while it is still hot.

Test methods for measuring hot tack strength

The hot tack scope refers to the laboratory measurement of the strength of heatseals between thermoplastic surfaces of flexible webs. Specifically, these test methods focus on assessing the strength of heatseals immediately after their formation, before they cool down to ambient temperature.

To conduct accurate hot tack testing, instrumented methods are employed. This entails using a specialized testing machine that automatically heatseals a specimen and promptly measures the strength of the hot seal at a precise time following the completion of the sealing process.

By employing these precise and controlled testing procedures, the hot tack scope ensures reliable and consistent results in evaluating the strength of thermoplastic heatseals.

Significance of testing station strength

In form-fill operations, sealed areas of packages are frequently subject to disruptive forces while still hot. If the hot seals have inadequate resistance to these forces, breakage can occur during the packaging process. These test methods measure hot seal strength and can be used to characterize and rank materials in their ability to perform in commercial applications where this quality is critical.

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