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FST-01 POF Shrink Film Shrink Tester

Film Heat Shrink Tester is used to detect the free shrinkage rate of heat shrinkable films at specific temperatures.

FST-01 POF Shrink Film Heat Shrink Tester

Film Heat Shrink Background

A film or sheet is formed by heating polymer to a molten state. The process is most often extruded or calendared. In the process, the molten film is pulled under tension, thus caused a stretching in machine direction. Then the film is cooled to form into a given thickness, width etc. Some undesirable stressed are locked in. When a plastic film or sheet is reheated, it can change in linear dimension. This is typically referred to as heat shrinkage.

Heat shrinkage is also important because it can tell how the plastic film was made. It can be used for heat shrink film quality control or process control.

Film Heat Shrink Tester Application

FST-01 Film Heat Shrink Tester determines the degree of unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage at given temperatures of plastic film and sheeting in fluid medium.
Film Heat Shrink Tester can detect free shrinkage of heat shrink film.

Film Heat Shrink Tester Test Process

  1. A temperature probe is located in the fluid heating area.
  2. Mount the tested heat shrink film on the free shrink holder and place in the liquid bath when desired temperature is reached.
  3. When time is up, the alarm beeps.
  4. Remove tested heat shrink film and press Stop button to finish the test.
  5. Treat the tested heat shrink film at ambient environment and measure the shrinkage.

Film Heat Shrink Tester Technical Features

  • P.I.D. temperature control
  • High precision timer
  • Alarming function
  • Stable heating of fluid medium
  • Standard square metal clamp and free shrink holder
  • Oil bath cover equipped

Film Heat Shrink Tester Key Data

  • Sample Size                                   ≤160 mm x 160 mm
  • Temperature Range                       Ambient ~ 200°C
  • Accuracy                                       ±0.3°C
  • Dimension                                     37*44*28 LWH cm
  • Power Supply                                 220V 50Hz
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