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FST-01 PE Shrink Film Free Shrink Tester

FST-01 Film Free Shrink Tester


Plastic films and sheets are typically manufactured by melting polymer material and shaping it through processes such as extrusion or calendaring. During this production, the material is stretched in the machine direction, and upon cooling, it retains internal stresses. These stresses can cause the material to shrink when reheated, altering its dimensions. This phenomenon, known as ‘free shrink,’ plays a pivotal role in the quality and process control of plastic manufacturing.

To ensure precise product quality and efficient manufacturing processes in the plastic film and sheet industry, a reliable tool is indispensable. This sophisticated device not only assesses free shrinkage but also enables precise measurements and adjustments, enhancing production consistency and material characteristics.


The FST-01 Film Free Shrink Tester is used to measure the unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage of plastic film and sheets at specified temperatures in a fluid medium. This device helps assess how much these materials will shrink when exposed to heat in real-world applications.

Many industries, especially those in packaging, rely on the data generated by film free shrink tester to guarantee an exact fit after heat exposure. In essence, the ‘film free shrink tester’ is the key to maintaining top-tier product quality and process efficiency in plastic film and sheet production.


ASTM D2732  Standard Test Method for Unrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage of Plastic Film and Sheeting

Test Process

  1. A temperature probe is located to fluid heating area.
  2. Mount the test specimen on the free shrink holder and place in the liquid bath when desired temperature is reached.
  3. When time is up, the alarm beeps.
  4. Remove test specimen and press Stop button to finish the test.
  5. Treat the specimen at ambient environment and measure the shrinkage.

Technical Features

  1. P.I.D. temperature control
  2. High precision timer
  3. Alarming function
  4. Stable heating of fluid medium
  5. Standard square metal clamp and free shrink holder
  6. Oil bath cover equipped

Key Data

Sample Size ≤160 mm x 160 mm
Temperature Range Ambient ~ 200°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C
Dimension 37*44*28 LWH cm
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
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