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Easy-to-operate Paper and Film Tear Testing Instruments Elmendorf Method

SLD-01 tear tester is a standard test for determining the tear resistance which is named after its inventor, Armin Elmendorf.

Elmendorf tearing strength

The Elmendorf tearing method is a physical indicator used to measure the tear resistance of film materials such as paper, cardboard and fabric. It reflects the ability of a material to resist when subjected to a tearing stress.The Elmendorf test method is performed by applying a cut to the material and then applying a tearing force to produce a tear along the cut. The greater the force required to tear, the higher the tear strength of the material.

Elmendorf tear strength is measured with a very high degree of accuracy and is commonly used in the manufacturing and quality control processes for materials such as paper and cardboard. This indicator is also widely used in packaging materials, textiles and plastic films. By knowing the tear strength of a material, manufacturers can determine the reliability and durability of the material, thus ensuring that its performance in a given application will meet requirements.


Paper tear resistance is one of the important mechanical parameters of material. Tear resistance (or tear strength) is a measure of how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing. It is a useful engineering measurement for a wide variety of materials by many different test methods.

SLD-01 tear tester is a standard test for determining the tear resistance, which is named after its inventor, Armin Elmendorf. The Elmendorf test determines the average force required in grams or mN to tear a sample after the tear has been started. In conducting the test, one or more sheets are torn through a fixed distance by means of a pendulum. The effort expended in tearing is measured by the loss of potential energy of the pendulum.

Test Process

A cutting knife in the tester is used to create a slit in the paper sample which ends 43mm from the far edge of the sample. Acting by gravity, the pendulum is released to propagate the slit through the remaining 43mm. The energy loss by the pendulum is used to calculate an average tearing force.


Pendulum Capacity(gf)   200,400,800,1600,3200,6400

Gas Source   0.6 MPa

Tearing Arm   104±1mm

Tearing Initial Angle   27.5 ±0.5°

Power   AC110~220V 50/60Hz


ASTM D1922 ASTM D142 ASTM D689 ISO 6383 ISO 1974

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