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CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide in Fizzy Drinks Loss Rate Detection ASTM F1115 Machine

Used to detect carbon dioxide content in carbonated beverages and the optimal drinking temperature.


CLRT-01 Carbon Dioxide volume Tester is suitable for beverage CO2 volume testing and gives an automatic way to find out relationship between pressure and temperature. Can make carbonated drinks have the best flavor.

Automatic Testing and Shaking

The tester makes below traditional manual process all automatic.
Pierce the bottle cap → open the vent valve to exhaust → close the vent valve → vibrate vigorously for 40seconds → record the MPa after the pressure stabilizes (measure the liquid temperature)→carbon dioxide gas capacity test results.

Technical Features

It’s a PLC controlled unit (industrial level stable) and HMI touch screen operated; Servo motor and gearbox transmittance for the agitation of sample bottle; Anti-leak design with precious temperature and pressure measurement.

  • Dual motor design, separate control of piercing and shaking
  • Precise control of piercing displacement and speed
  • The shaking frequency and time can be customized
  • High-precision pressure sensor guarantees the accuracy of test results
  • High-precision temperature sensor, real-time display of current temperature
  • After the test, the carbonation volume will be given automatically
  • Microprinter(optional)
  • RS 232 port and professional software(optional)

Main Parameters

Test Range                                                              0~1MPa

Resolution                                                                  0.01KPa

Shaking Speed                                                         Adjustable

Piercing Speed                                   5mm/s (other available)

Sample Height                                  ≤ 350mm (other available)

Temperature range                                                        0 ~ 30 ℃

Shaking time                                               40s (other available)

Resolution                                                                               0.1 ℃ 

Major Standards

ASTM F1115, GB T10792

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