Best Shrinkage Films Tester ASTM D2732

1. Introduction of Product Overview

(1) Introduction to the Shrinkage Films Tester

The Shrinkage Films Tester from Cell Instruments is a cutting-edge device designed to measure the shrinkage properties of plastic films when exposed to heat. This high-precision instrument is crucial for industries where shrink films play a vital role in packaging, ensuring that products are securely wrapped and maintained at optimal conditions.

(2) Importance of testing shrinkage films in various industries

Testing shrinkage films is essential across multiple industries including packaging, food, medical, pharmaceutical, adhesives, beverages, daily chemicals, textiles, plastics, and electronics. Proper testing ensures that shrink films perform reliably under different conditions, preserving product integrity and meeting regulatory standards.

2. Technical Specifications and Benefits

(1) Technical Specifications

FST-01 Film Free Shrink Tester
Sample Size ≤160 mm x 160 mm
Temperature Range Ambient ~ 200°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C
Dimension 37*44*28 LWH cm
Power Supply 220V 50Hz

ASTM d2732 shrinkage films tester

(2) Key Benefit

Advanced Technology

The Shrinkage Films Tester employs the latest technology to deliver precise measurements. Its advanced sensors and control systems ensure high accuracy, making it a reliable tool for quality control.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Shrinkage Films Tester features an intuitive interface. Users can quickly set up tests, monitor progress, and retrieve data with minimal training, reducing the likelihood of operator error.


This instrument can test a wide range of shrink films, making it suitable for diverse applications. It accommodates various film types and thicknesses, providing comprehensive testing capabilities.

Customization Options

Recognizing that different industries have unique requirements, Cell Instruments offers customization options. Whether it’s specific testing parameters or integration with other systems, our Shrinkage Films Tester can be tailored to meet your needs.


To enhance efficiency, the Shrinkage Films Tester supports automated testing. This feature allows for continuous operation with minimal supervision, saving time and reducing labor costs.

3. Applications of Specific Use Cases

The Shrinkage Films Tester is indispensable in the packaging industry for ensuring the reliability of shrink wrap used in securing products. In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, it helps verify the integrity of shrink films used for sterile packaging. Additionally, it is used in the food and beverage industry to ensure packaging materials maintain product freshness and safety. Its application extends to quality inspection agencies for regulatory compliance and product certification.

4. Test Methods—According to ASTM D2732

(1) Overview of Shrinkage Film Testing

Shrinkage film testing is crucial in maintaining product quality and ensuring consistency in performance. By understanding how films behave under heat, manufacturers can predict performance, reduce material waste, and improve product design.

(2) Overview of ASTM D2732

ASTM D2732 is a standard test method used to determine the free shrinkage of plastic films when subjected to elevated temperatures. This test is significant as it helps in understanding the thermal behavior of shrink films, which is essential for their application in packaging.

  1. Sample Preparation: Cut the film samples to the specified dimensions, ensuring uniformity.
  2. Testing Conditions: Set the testing chamber to the required temperature, typically around 100°C (212°F).
  3. Measurement Process: Place the film samples in the chamber and heat them for a specified duration, usually a few minutes. Measure the dimensions of the samples before and after heating.
  4. Data Analysis: Calculate the percentage of shrinkage by comparing the initial and final dimensions. This data helps in assessing the suitability of the film for various applications.

Detailed sample preparation involves ensuring the samples are free from defects and uniformly cut. Testing conditions must be controlled precisely, with consistent temperature settings and exposure times to ensure accurate results. The measurement process should be repeated to verify consistency.

The shrinkage percentage is calculated using the formula:

heat shrinkage calculated

This analysis helps in understanding the thermal stability and suitability of the shrink films for their intended use.

5. Compliance and Standards

(1) Industry Standards

Our Shrinkage Films Tester complies with international standards such as ASTM D2732 and ISO, ensuring that it meets the stringent requirements of quality and safety.

(2) Quality Assurance

Cell Instruments follows rigorous quality assurance protocols to ensure that our testers provide reliable and consistent results. Regular calibration and maintenance services are available to keep the instruments in optimal working condition.

6. Advantages of Using Our Shrinkage Films Tester

(1) Reliability and Consistency

Our tester provides highly reliable and consistent results, essential for maintaining product quality across different batches.

(2) Enhanced Product Quality

By accurately measuring the shrinkage properties of films, manufacturers can enhance product quality, ensuring that packaging materials perform as expected.

(3) Cost-Effectiveness

Reducing material waste and improving production efficiency lead to significant cost savings. Our Shrinkage Films Tester helps achieve these goals by providing precise and reliable data.

7. FAQ

Q1: What is the significance of the ASTM D2732 test method?

A1: ASTM D2732 is crucial for determining the free shrinkage properties of plastic films when exposed to heat, ensuring their suitability for various applications.

Q2: How does the Shrinkage Films Tester improve quality control?

A2: It provides accurate and consistent measurements of shrinkage properties, helping manufacturers maintain high product quality and performance standards.

Q3: Can the Shrinkage Films Tester be customized?

A3: Yes, Cell Instruments offers customization options to meet specific testing requirements and integrate with existing systems.

Q4: What industries benefit most from using the Shrinkage Films Tester?

A4: Industries such as packaging, food, medical, pharmaceutical, adhesives, beverages, daily chemicals, textiles, plastics, and electronics benefit significantly from using the tester.

Q5: How does automation enhance the testing process?

A5: Automation allows for continuous testing with minimal supervision, increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

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